If your school is unable to offer student’s the 2 Unit Dance Course,
Sonic provides the opportunity to receive external tuition to study HSC Dance.

Sonic’s Preliminary & HSC Dance Programs incorporate practical and theoretical lessons, derived from the Performing, Composing and Appreciation of Dance as an artform.

Class Structure

Designed to meet NESA course requirements.


Practical lessons are used to develop a student’s technique, strength, flexibility, coordination, alignment and kinaesthetic awareness, to enable the performance of quality Core and Major Works.


Composition lessons are designed to teach students all the necessary practices and tools used in exploring, creating and formatting a quality Core or Major Composition piece.


Theory lessons are derived from our Sonic resource booklets, provided to all students in order to understand key terminologies, analyse and appreciate dance as an artform.

Classes are operated on a private basis, either on school premises or an organised Studio Location.

Classes can be taken within or outside of school hours depending on timetabling and availability. Lessons could also combine students from different schools or be self-contained.

Exams & Assessments

Throughout the course our teachers assess and report on each students progress in achieving set outcomes and objectives, as required by the New South Wales Board of Studies.

Lesson Payment is on a Private basis.

External study is recognised and permitted by NSW Schools.

If your school already offers HSC dance as a subject, external tuition cannot be provided. However, Sonic can offer assistance with Performance works if authorised by your school. All correspondence for this course is submitted to the Education Department via your school. Therefore, it is essential to firstly ascertain whether your school allows external studies.

Supplementary Information and Prices Available on Enquiry.

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